Value maximization meets climate positivity.

Attractive and sustainable investment in Berlin-Pankow.

Investment advantages and growing values in a secure environment.

KOKONI ONE combines the security of a value-enhancing investment with the advantages of a location with strong development potential.

  • Investment opportunity in the fastest growing district of Berlin
  • Approximately 4% initial gross rental yield depending on the property
  • Cold rents up to 22 €/m²
  • First units immediately available for rent
  • Low monthly operating costs secure long-term rents
  • 3% depreciation (Absetzung für Abnutzung) per year
  • Tax-free disposal after 10 years
  • Network expansion (Berlin i2030) in French Buchholz: suburban, regional and streetcar lines as well as subway lines U2 and U9

22 € per m² Offer rent*

Due to strong demand, asking asking rents rose to as much as €22 per m² for new build houses in Pankow

approx. 37,000 INCREASE BY 2040

With around 420,000 inhabitants, Pankow is the most densely populated and fastest fastest growing district in Berlin with the highest birth rate.

(*Stand: Juni 2023).

100 % CO2-neutral and fossil-free. Ready today for all the reforms of tomorrow.

KOKONI ONE already fulfills all discussed green energy reforms of the federal government - with a climate-positive energy concept without gas and oil.

  • CO2-neutral energy concept with an optically integrated photovoltaic system and sustainable use of geothermal energy
  • Active houses: Naturstrom-Kooperationspartner takes surplus electricity profitably and offers discounted electricity prices
  • Fossil-free energies already protect against expensive retrofitting costs or heating renovation obligations today
  • Climate positive timber construction with natural materials

Note: This is a simplified, schematic representation. For more detailed information, please contact your personal advisor. 1) A storage medium that provides stored electricity, e.g. at night, is not available. Surplus electricity is distributed directly to the public grid. 2) The central heating system is powered by the electricity from the photovoltaic system when the sun is shining. At night or in case of insufficient light conditions, the electricity for the operation of the heating system is drawn externally. For this purpose, the owners' association has concluded a contract with the provider Naturstrom. 3) The decision to implement the photovoltaic roofs as a large communal installation results from building code requirements and the facilitation for the WEG / owners, from which you can benefit here. Otherwise, all owners or tenants would automatically be small electricity producers subject to sales tax, who would have to document and pay tax on their individual electricity surpluses at great expense.

Expected returns and value stability that pay off in the long term.

A forward-looking settlement concept that offers one thing above all: sustainable value maximization. Invest in KOKONI ONE.

Example calculation

Object data WE 6, Type M
(134,7 m² – 136,1 m²)
Area in m² living space 135 m²
Rent per m² living area p.m. 22 €/m²
annual rent increase as of 1.1.2025 2,50 %
Kaufpreis inkl. Stellplatz in € 860.980 € (6.388 €/m²)
plus incidental acquisition costs of approx. 66.209 €
initial gross rental return 4,13 %
Total rent cold p.m. (initial) 2.965 €
Debt service p.m. (grace period) 3.158 €
Debt service p.m. (from the 6th year) 4.211 €


Forecast over 10 years Purchase as of 31.12.2023 Sale after 10 years
Equity portion to be contributed 85.000 €
initial loan balance 842.189 €
Total cash flow after 10 years after taxes 318.991 €
Residual debt 770.185 €

Overview cash flow

Years 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 Summe
Cash flow from taxes from the property -85.000 € -3.561 € -2.969 € -1.810 € -901 € 30 € -11.648 € -10.669 € -9.665 € -8.636 € 304.143 € 169.586 €
Tax savings/tax payments 8.505 € 8.142 € 7.770 € 7.388 € 6.997 € 6.485 € 5.825 € 5.143 € 4.439 € 3.711 € 64.405 €
Cash flow after tax p.a. 1) -85.000 € 4.944 € 5.446 € 5.960 € 6.487 € 7.027 € -5.163 € -4.844 € -4.522 € -4.197 € 307.854 € 233.991 €

1) With (further) taxable income in Germany at the same time, with which possible (taxable) losses from renting and leasing can be offset, at the top tax rate of 42%. In the above example, the following assumptions were made: A tax-free sale takes place after 10 years at the purchase factor. Selling costs are not taken into account | an interest rate of 4.50 % p.a. and a repayment rate of 1.50 % p.a. from year 6 in an annuity loan. | Non-apportionable ongoing management costs of 54 €/m² per month as well as annual costs of a special property management of 50 €/unit, which increase annually by 2% inflation rate. | 3.00 % depreciation for wear and tear (AfA) per year for residential purposes on the estimated building share. 2) The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is the average annual return on an investment.

The expected financial development in this in this brief exposé is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. The values given here are only estimates (financial ratios). The key figures are based on current expectations and certain assumptions, many of which are beyond the control of ZIEGERT GmbH. They are subject to a variety of risks, uncertainties and other factors. Future results and developments may be higher or lower than the data shown.

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